God is our hiding place.  Our refuge and our strength.
When you think of a safe place where you can hide comfortably and enjoy God’s presence,  his love and peace.

You may not be hidden from the wicked eyes of evil but yet you are at peace knowing that no harm shall befall you as long as God himself has you covered, and you are under his watchful eyes and the protection of the blood of Jesus Christ.

There is no better place than under the protection of almighty father through his Son Jesus Christ.
Sometimes we seek God for what we can get from him.

We seek his protection when we are in trouble, while remaining stubborn and disobedient,  we treat God like a spare tire which will be used to replace a flat tire. It should not be so.

God almighty deserves more than what we are giving him.  He deserves our undivided attention, our worship and adoration at all times.

Some of us concentrate so much on the evil things the devil is doing and we forget that spending time with God in prayer and worship is what brings us breakthrough from all the attacks of the enemy because God inhabits the praises of his people. (Psalm 22:3).

Seek God today because he is worth it, not just for the blessings but get to know him more.  He loves our companionship and we should cherish his too. Be blessed as you seek God’s presence more, his kingdom and his righteousness. Shalom!