Saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.
Romans 4:7 KJV.

God forgives and the forgiven sinner rejoices and enjoys unspeakable peace.

Do you remember the day you surrendered all to Jesus Christ and asked him to come into your life?

It should be a memorable day, if you are still working with the Lord.

When the Lord manifests, you feel like tons of weight has been lifted off, you feel light, peaceful and full of joy with great expectation and you want to tell your family and friends what has happened to you, and you feel there is no need to do anything in this life because she is coming any time from now.

That was my personal experience.

I understand that it might be different for so many, but in my experience, I was getting ready to enter the university but I felt I didn’t need all that studying, I could just spend my time praying and seeking God and telling people about him since he is going to come any moment.

I thank God that I eventually pursued my studies because it has been over several years and I believe I’m helping a lot of people now than I would have if I didn’t pursue my studies.

I still wait eagerly for the second return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but live goes on.

It means, we can’t fold our hands and do nothing because we are saved, then we will become liability to others and it may lead to backsliding in some.

I have heard people blame God for their problems because they were told that once they give their lives to Christ all their problems would be solved, so they say the sinners pray and wait, maybe they were jobless and they stop looking for job and start quoting the Scriptures, the Lord shall supply all my needs, remain jobless