What is Gratitude? Why is it important?

Gratitude is defined as appreciation, giving thanks, gratefulness,

acknowledgement, respect etc.

Gratitude is important in every aspect of our lives.

sometimes we say, the attitude of gratitude.

If someone does a job for you or shows you a favor and you

fail to appreciate them, you will be looked upon as ungrateful or rude.

It is said, when you appreciate someone for a job well-done, they are motivated to do more good.

It is good to cultivate the attitude of gratitude

What Are You Grateful for?

I am so grateful to God almighty for his presence in my life.

For salvation, I am grateful that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

If not for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to save us fro sin and eternal damnation.

we would have been of all men most miserable as Paul puts it in 1Cor 15:19.

Because Jesus died and resurrected, we have the hope of eternal life with him in heaven

I give God the praise for the gift of life, the air we breath in,

for the gift of family and friends.

I am grateful to God for good health., for the supply of our daily bread.

How are many people are starving around the world, yet God provides for us.

So many people are out of jobs, have no regular income, some are begging for their daily sustenance, some lost their homes and have no fixed place of abode, yet some who have jobs are complaining of how hard it is and threatening to quit.

The Israelite of old murmured and complained against God in the wilderness and as a result they spent longer time than they should have and in the process, so many of them died before they got to the promised land.

So many time in my line of duty, I have come across some individuals,

while interacting with them, I will get a prompting to witness to them.

On most occasions I would start with a simple question like,

what is your relationship with God?

I must say on a few occasions I was shocked by the answer I got.

One instance was a young beautiful lady, she looked very quite and innocent, that you would conclude immediately that surely she must be a devoted christian, but it was so unfortunate that she told me that she was actually angry with God. I couldn’t believe what I heard, it was then I realized why I was prompted to ask her the question.

We spent some time together and I ministered to her.

The enemy of our souls has a way of deceiving people and making them blame God for their problems, so that they are unable to acknowledge and appreciate the goodness of God in their lives.

Our God is a good God, he is awesome! He deserves all our Praise, worship and adoration.
Make the time today to say, thank you ABBA father, thank you Lord Jesus Christ and thank you Holy Spirit.

Be grateful for life, once there is life, there is hope.
Be grateful for health even if you don’t feel a hundred percent(100%) in your body.
God is not the Author of sickness and disease, it is satan but he would want you to believe otherwise.
God is our healer, the miracle maker.
Be thankful for your family even if they are giving you tough time, no one is perfect.
Be grateful for God’s provisions no matter how small or big.
There are so many things to be grateful for.
Do not be angry with God almighty, please.
God bless you as you draw closer to him through your attitude of gratitude.